Wahl & Company takes accounting and financial management seriously so our clients feel confident that their money is being handled safely and securely.  We provide timely collection or rents and assessments which are deposited into individual trust accounts for your building only and are never commingled with funds from any other client.  We will take all reasonable steps in collection of delinquent rents and assessments.  We will disburse funds for payment of the buildings operating expenses in accordance with pre approved budget expenditures and disburse funds for additional expenses as approved by the client.  We will manage excess funds as directed by the client.

We offer our clients the option of keeping building employees on the Wahl & Company payroll and we will provide all payroll services including filing of appropriate employment taxes and providing workman’s compensation insurance.

Wahl & Company maintains accounting records in accordance with accepted accounting principles.  We will produce and distribute detailed and clear financial statements including but not limited to balance sheets, revenue & expense statements, revenue collection detail and reconciled bank statements.  The revenue & expense statement provides a clear picture of year to date totals and actual expense verses budget variance.  All financial statements can be customized to meet the needs of the client.

Wahl & Company prepares a realistic and accurate budget for each client annually and presents it for review and approval prior to implementation.