Wahl & Company distinguishes itself from the competition by recognizing and treating property as an asset.  Indeed property is a complex business with principal elements of cash flow and asset appreciation, but more than that, and as with architecture, property must often reflect a unique statement by the owner.  Maximizing the returns from any given property is thus not merely establishing a strategic plan based solely on financial considerations because some of the returns desired by an owner may be intangible and personal by their very nature.  Our services are thus specifically designed and geared to direct clients along a path that will achieve all their goals, from financial to personal objectives, resulting in the asset performing at a maximum level in all categories be it industrial properties, retail outlets, shopping centers, or office buildings.

We manage all our properties as if we own them with a particular emphasis on maintaining a high visibility at every site and working closely with on-site staff.  Property is an asset, and assets must perform.  A flexible methodology to planning for any asset is essential to ensure maximum performance. We have developed specific plans that not only retain tenants, but also ensure they recommend their facility to others when vacancies occur. The result is that even when markets are depressed, properties managed by Wahl & Company have excelled against others in the occupancy rate category.

A brief outline of our full service management program is as follows:

  • Meet with the owners and together we define objectives and begin to formulate a Strategic Plan.
  • Evaluate the property's current and long-term position in the market.
  • Assess the operating and capital budgets with our internal management systems and address funding requirements and availability.
  • Have the property analyzed and all floor plans stored on a CAD program for full access to facilitate floor area management.
  • Develop a superior marketing & leasing plan and coordinate the activities of the leasing agents, prepare proposals and negotiate leases.
  • Set up a maintenance management system, customized for each building that logs work orders and checklists each procedure.
  • Implement a strategic plan to manage the physical, financial and human aspects of the property within budget constraints.
  • Arrange for appropriate project management for all building construction and tenant improvement work.

At Wahl & Company we take on the stress and responsibility of making the asset perform to its highest possible potential so the owner can rest easy that their investment is being cared for, performing at its peak and protected from exposure.